Friday 17 March 2017

Cereals, Cereals, Cereals!

Here are a few  cereal  recipes. if you  try any out, modify any recipes, do let me know how it comes out.

Cornflakes  and baby  rice: 
Ingredients: Cornflakes, baby rice, milk, fruit sweetener.


 Soften  the fruit sweetner with some hot water or warm milk,  add a  scoop or two of baby rice to  thickne

Crush some cornflakes inyour hand to make the pieces smaller, mix into  babyrice  mixture - 

Cereal is ready!

Rice Cereal & Baby Rice
Ingredients: Rice cripsies  or  other rice cerea, baby rice, milk, fruit sweetner.

Mix fruit sweetner, with warm water or  milk

Add  your rice  cripsies or  other cereal - note the  texture differences  of liquid milk, and solid cereal pieces.

Add  a  scoop or two of Baby rice to act as a binder and provide a thicker creamier texture

Et voila!  ready to serve. 

Banana Oat Porridge

Ingredients: half a banana, blended  oats, milk, fruit  sweetener- optional

To make blended oats - see  here

Place your  oats, milk and sweetner into a bowl  and microwave in 30 second  bursts.  if  cooking a  large batch you can do this on the  hob. for  this one i only used  2 table spoons of  oats,  topped  with some milk   and   a teaspoon of  the sweetener.

 once  porridge is cooked -  cut up  or  mash the banana into the cooked oats

food is ready, no additional sugar / sweetener  required.

You can also  make the oats with  plain water and add powdered milk/ formular after the oats is cooked.
The  sweetener is optional as banana adds more than enough sweetness if a generous  helping is used. ☺

This  is also a very nutritious meal for  older  kids and even adults,  for this you just omit blending the  oats.

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