Friday, 13 January 2017

Mixed Fruit Paste Sweetener

Mixed Fruit Paste Sweetener

I mentioned in this previous post about  making a sweetener with  dried fruits for cereals.  well  what I did was to blend a few dried  soft fruits. So into my  food processor  i have some apricots, dates, raisins and sultanas. You can get this in the baking section of your supermarket or market.  

Now, i would say  that you may want to chop the items a bit with a knife before  putting in the  food processor, as after a while it  does form it into a ball. 

After  blending, store in an air tight container.  if the fruits were  straight from the pack  it should last  a while ( about a  month or two).  however if you washed any fruits like the dates for instance, make sure that they dry off properly before you blend. 

To use the  paste, simply take a bit  into the plate and  add a bit of warm milk to  break it up.  add your  cereal and  the remaining milk and serve. 

You can use any fruit combinations  you like,  however if you are adding any nuts, make sure your little one has no allergies to  the nuts.  Also you may want to blend the nuts first into as fine a powder as you  can, before you add the remaining dried soft fruits. 

I have so much fruit paste, now  i am  looking for what else i  can use it for. if i think of anything i will let you know. 

hmmn.... thinking i may make some morrocan inspired lamb sauce with  couscous or perhaps mix with some milk, mashed bananas and  baby rice;  or  maybe even do a  sort of  steamed  pudding kinda like  Christmas pudding)  now where did i stash that bottle of brandy?!!!

If you try this,  do  let me know how it comes  out. 


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