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Part 1 - Weaning Foods for babies 6 months and above - Supplies

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Following  some of  my posts on the NairaLand (NL) Forum  regarding   weaning  food ideas,   I have  decided to collate all I have posted  as  means of  creating an  archive  of  sorts  as it can be  quite  tricky trying to find the  right post on NL,   so   for   new and old   "newborn thread   followers" and  any others looking for tips   for what  to  feed  their  babies,    here are a  few tips.

here  we  go.

These  are  food ideas    for  babies  that are  6 months+,  and   the  menu is varied  to include  both western  and Nigerian  cuisine. 

First  of all  lets look at  some  supplies you may need these are not essential, however  they do make  life far easier:

There are baby food blenders which are essentially mini blenders.... and some can be quite pricey. I think they are an unnecessary gadget  especially if you have other alternatives... save your money to use on other stuff.

What i found works for me is a hand held blender.... i got one few years back and its been gathering dust until now.... so glad i didn't throw it out!

I just put what needs to be blended in large high sided mug, add some water if needed and pop it in till I get the consistency I need.  its really good for small portions blending or making purees. You just need a piece of kitchen towel to hold over to prevent splashes. This is an alternative to a specialized baby food blender. 

Its a very versatile tool as you can also use it to blend other stuff as well other than baby food as well as blend quantities both tiny and large that a normal blender wont handle. I got mine to make  soups in one of my culinary adventure modes.

Oh! you can also try using the chopper attachment that comes with some blenders (the small bit used to grind egusi/ogbono/ pepper at home) although it will need to be washed well to get any pepper or previous food residue out. You will need to add some water and blend in short bursts

a mash bowl can also be used, as  it  is a small  bowl with a  pestle-like  attachment  that you can used to mash up really soft  baby food.

An electric food steamer to heat up food is also very useful, or as an alternative you can get a small pot version of a  steamer  that  goes on your  cooker or a steamer insert to use with your normal pot. ( we  cant  let lack of  electricity  spoil our   groove.) 
plastic  plate  or  preferably a bowl.  it  should be  small enough to hold comfortably and securely with one hand.  this is very handy if you are  feeding baby  off your  lap. 

Electric  steamer

Steamer  insert  to  use  with   a  normal pot

Silicone ice cube trays. To freeze excess baby food.  silicone is preferable as  it makes removing the  frozen food  loads easier.   I only have one ice tray so i sometimes just twist a teaspoon or tablespoon of the prepped food in some cling film to make a "pellet" and freeze in a container or tie up in bag. 

Caution: Take care to defrost (at least) partially to allow the clingfilm come off easily. You don't want specs of film in the food as it breaks easily when frozen. Also make sure you label the containers.... everything tends to look the same when its been frozen

A drink muddler - now this is really not essential, but if you or hubby are into cocktails and have one lying around especially the plastic ones with the spiky base, they are actually fabulous at mashing the odd single portion of baby food.

A silicone bib with the crumb catcher.   this is  easy   to wipe clean and   catches  all the  food and  water that  your  baby  spits and  spills out.    A   wipe-able  bib with  crumb catcher is also useful   for   days out  as  these are  very easy to fold, wipe and  can even wash in the washing machine after  a  few uses. 

Doidy cup, muddler and wipeable bib

Other  things  to have.  include:

A soft tip spoon in the early days, this is  very flexible and  is  gentler on tender gums. 

A doidy cup - if you can find this it is absolutely worth it! This has made our cup drinking so much better and easier. Alternatively you can use a transparent cup, or i sometimes use the cover of the feeding bottle when we are out and about so i can see the level of the water. 

Note: Most disposable cups have a rolled edge but  the   cut end is unfinished and is slightly sharp so be careful if you wish to go down that route as babies cant really control their tongues to avoid them injuring themselves.  

A small  bowl with a   tight  fitting cover  to use in the  steamer,   the lid needs to be  tight to prevent  excess water getting into the  food. it  could  also reserve a few empty glass jars and their covers of baby food if you buy them. They are really handy for use in a steamer. 

I hope this has been useful to you,  Part  2  will  be on general tips before and  during weaning. 

Thanks for reading!

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